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Zac's story

Zac is nine years old. He is a regular at the events and activities we put on and has helped to care for his brother, Jacob, since he was five. 

Aged just two, Jacob fell poorly suddenly. A twisted small bowel and sepsis led to Jacob ending up losing all but 5cm of his small bowel. 18 months later, Jacob had a successful bowel transplant. Now seven, Jacob is doing well, and the transplant has been successful. He has a programme of medication that he needs to follow every day alongside a strict diet. Zac helps Jacob to keep up with his medication and diet in school, at events, and during days out.

Zac’s mum, Louise, explains how he helps his brother: “Leading up to and after Jacob’s transplant, Zac was amazing – he provided emotional support to Jacob, chatting to him and holding his hand during blood tests or when he was having his stoma bag seen to. At school he keeps an eye on what his brother is eating and drinking and when they visit their grandmother, Zac knows what medication Jacob needs and when, and what he shouldn’t eat, even if he wants to! In many ways he is Jacob’s voice. He’s taken on that responsibility for his little brother.

“Young Carers Notts gives Zac the chance to be himself and be around other kids, having fun. Since he’s started using the service, he’s definitely more positive in himself, and that’s massive. He knows how much he is valued at home, and I want to make sure he has the chance to do the things most nine-year-olds get to do.”

Zac (right) helps to care for his little brother Jacob.

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Beautiful family - happy ending story 💗

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